Production Technician 103380NW6-C



Salary range

2000 - 2600

Employment Type

Full Time


Kallang / 加冷

Position: Production Technician
• Working Hours: Mon – Fri 8am to 5.30pm
• Working days: 5 days
• Working Location: Kallang


Job Scope:
• To assist production supervisor and provide support for the manufacturing process
• Review the production schedule to understand the timeline and sequence of manufacturing tasks.
• Study the specifications provided for the products being manufactured from understanding the required materials, dimensions, quality standards, and any specific instructions.
• Based on the production schedule and specifications, gather the necessary materials, components, and supplies required for the manufacturing process.
• Ensure all the required items are available and in the correct quantities.
• Weighing the materials accurately and ensuring that meet the specified requirements.
• Participate in the assembly process, following the provided instructions and procedures by using various tools, equipment, or machinery to perform assembly tasks.
• Completion of all batch records and other documentation for the production processes.

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