Senior Sales Assistant 92580NW3-S

Salary range

1900 - 2100

Employment Type

Full Time


Islandwide / 全岛

Position: Application Support
• Working Hours: Work Rotating Shifts, 11am – 9pm
• Working days: 5 days


Job Responsibilities:
• Complete all tasks correctly and on time and follows company policy and procedures.
• Follow merchandising principles and replenishment guidelines in store to ensure that the brand is represented at the highest level.
• Utilize customer service skills, basic sales techniques, and product knowledge to connect customers with the right product and drive sales.
• Build the bond between consumer and brand by providing superior service and adapting brand stories to the retail setting.
• Maintain knowledge of various store departments and be available to operate cash register for regular transactions, perform receiving duties, and build visual displays when
• Assist Leads, Supervisor, and Managers in training entry level consultant.
• Assist with loss prevention efforts by providing proactive customer service.

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